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Cultural Ecology of Eastern Pennsylvania

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Cultural Ecology
Cultural Ecology of Eastern Pennsylvania
Humans and the environment in the
Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor
Unit 1: The Ecological Perspective
The Ecological Perspective
Examining and perceiving the world around you
Unit 2: The ice age transition, climate change, and Native Americans in Pennsylvania
The Ice Age Transition, Climate Change, and Native Americans in Pennsylvania
Time, timelines, and the meaning of cultural ecology
Unit 3: Eastern Pennsylvania in the Colonial Period
Eastern Pennsylvania in the Colonial Period
Finding North America
Unit 4: The Industrial Age
The Industrial Age
The age of industry
Unit 5: The Cultural Landscape As A Tool For Learning
Cultural Landscapes, a Great Acceleration,
and the Anthropocene
Energy, economics, ecology and the human/nature relationship
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Humans and the Environment in the Delaware and Lehigh National Heritage Corridor

A High School / Early College Educational Curriculum

Welcome to the Cultural Ecology of Eastern Pennsylvania!

Explore the fascinating cultural and ecological heritage of the Lehigh and Delaware valleys in eastern Pennsylvania. Our curriculum provides teachers and students with a comprehensive perspective on the patterns of landscape change that have shaped this region throughout history. By delving into the interconnectedness and cause-effect relationships between humans and the environment, we offer a unique insight into the rich tapestry of this area.

Our multi-disciplinary curriculum is designed to engage learners of all ages and spans an impressive 16,000 years of history. Starting with the arrival of the first humans in Pennsylvania and the subsequent development of Native American culture, we take you on a journey through time. Witness the transformative effects of European settlement, the profound impact of the 19th century Industrial Revolution, and the emergence of 20th-century industry.

Unit 5 of our curriculum focuses on the reclamation of damaged natural resources. Discover how environmental awareness and laws have played a crucial role in protecting the water, air, and land in the Lehigh and Delaware valleys. We delve into the remarkable efforts undertaken to restore and safeguard the precious resources that sustain life in this region. Finally, we shine a spotlight on current environmental issues that pose a threat not only to eastern Pennsylvania but to the entire planet. Join us on this captivating exploration of the Cultural Ecology of Eastern Pennsylvania. Unlock a deeper understanding of the intricate relationship between humans and the environment and gain valuable insights into the past, present, and future of this remarkable region. Start your journey today!

Thank you for your interest to participate in our Pilot Program! Feedback is valuable to the success of the curriculum.

Prepare for a fascinating journey through time, an investigation of the world around you and the interconnections between you and other living organisms. The lessons in this curriculum will help you and your students learn how personal and collective decisions and actions can affect the environment and its ability to support life. Cultural Ecology of Eastern Pennsylvania follows the decisions of many individuals and groups over a span of 16,000 years.

If you have already been prequalified to participate in our pilot program, but have not received your account login, please contact us to receive your credentials. For more information about Purchase Orders, please contact Whitney Davison at